Project C.O.G: Center of Gravity


Enter the world of C.O.G.

A world of twisted gravity, science-experiments-gone-wrong, and puzzling traps through every doorway. Play through a new spin on the platform-adventure games of old, constantly fighting for survival… and escape. Flip your way through a Complex filled with danger and secrets, and find freedom outside the Complex walls… and the truth.

Coming Late 2012. Updates coming soon.

The Original Jam.

Project C.O.G. was the first prototype that Couch Pixels developed as a part of Test Tube Games. We got such good feedback, and liked the idea so much that we’re going to build on it from here, into the awesome, old-school game you just read about above. Stay tuned for those updates, but for now, here’s the original prototype, which we developed in just one week.

The theme was “Rush” and we took it rather liberally… see if you can see what we did with it.

For this project we have Simon as lead designer and programmer, Ben as lead programmer and designer, Adam as artist, and Ray as lead artist and sound designer.

Give it a try, right here, right now, on the web!

If you have any problems, press the R key and it will replay that level.

If you’ve got any feedback for us we’d love to hear from you!

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