Dwarven Chicken Knights


A 2.5D fighter of feathers and dwarfs!

Dwarven Chicken Knights, Orc Emu Fighters, Leprechaun Dodo Warriors (and more!) will go head to head in an epic battle for glory! Play as over 6 characters, battling for supremacy in more than 8 locations. Using a simple and intuitive four-button control scheme, and their cunning and skill, players will try and out manoeuvre their opponents, jumping on their heads to defeat them without getting jumped on themselves.

Coming September 2012. Updates coming really soon – we’re working on it as we speak!

The Original Jam.

The original jam version of DCK was created in about 16 hours with Unity Basic, with only two of the Couch Pixels team: Simon as programmer, and Adam as artist!

A bit of background on the jam… We used a random game name generator to pick a title for a game to make in just 2 working days, and we picked “Dwarven Chicken Knights!” We both threw around ideas for design, and decided upon creating something akin to the old joust game. Simey got to work coding some rough physics, collision and input code, while ViVi drew up some backgrounds, platforms, blocks, and of course the Dwarven Chicken Knights themselves! Once we had the code and assets in, we played around with gravity and scoring systems, and polished things up (well, as polished as things could be in just 2 days!)

After the stellar feedback our original prototype (see below) received at SuperNova 2012, we here at Couch Pixels have decided to work on a brand new version of Dwarven Chicken Knights for our first major release, aiming to launch by September this year!

You can download the results of our jam now, available for both Mac and PC. If you’re not sure which one you want, it’s probably the one on the left (;


If you’ve got any feedback for us we’d love to hear from you!

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