Raymund “Rayray” Serrano


Le lead artist and generalist guy.

Ahoy hoy! Im Ray. Im the Lead Artist of the group. I also do a lot of other things outside of that role so I’ve also taken on a generalist role.

So how did I get here?

Well originally I’m from a planet far away. The people over there got a little overblown with their own egos – inevitably blowing up the planet. Luckily though, my parents had the foresight to send me away, when I was a baby, to this comfortable little rock.

I grew up playing videogames and all I thought about was making videogames as a kid. I would do art and 3d work at home for sh*ts and giggles and even exprimented on real-time stuff. So what did I do when I finished school? I became a kitchen hand and storeroom clerk.

A little while into that job, I signed up to a course for Interactive Multimedia Production at, what was then called CGC, which was then bought by SAE and now? I think it belongs to Quantm. Im not sure, but I digress. I learned a lot of things over there: Creating print ready materials, making websites, digital film productions and presentation format productions. So what did I do when I finished that course?

I became……a Call Centre Consultant.

On and off I would freelance in the industry and keeping up to date with stuff around it. I got around and met a lot of people. Also learned a lot of things about how to communicate properly to people and stuff like that. Eventually I quit that though, because there was an itch I had that I couldnt quite figure out. I then got a job as an office processor for AMP, mainly an insurance company but also involved in superannuations. It was a more business/corporate-ish sort of stint. Boring and easy – but not without lessons to be learned, like how to run an office, how to work in an office and that christmas parties thrown large boring companies can sometimes be…well….almost the extreme opposite of boring.

About a while after I settled in and pretty much in the rhythm of being a corporate cog, I stumbled upon a booth at Supernova (think, a severly downscaled version of Comicon). This booth told me (well the people at the booth, cos the actual booths cant talk right?) about this place called AIE (Academy of Interactive Entertainment) where I can learn and acquire real-world skills for the purpose of creating videogames.

Video games.

I finally figured out the itch I was having. It was the long forgotten dream that I wanted to create games. I enrolled to AIE, had a blast and started creating Awesome like a boss everyday since.

Oh and my home planet that exploded? You may not of heard of it, its probably not in this galaxy, let alone this system. Its called Planet Vegeta.

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